Your Mindtap team will have the knowledge and expertise necessary to:

  • 01Deploy agile digital marketing services that ensure your brand stands out in saturated markets and consistently reinforces your unique value proposition.

  • 02Implement and execute the right digital marketing services to engage your target audience and increase lead generation.

  • 03Provide continuous analysis that enables your Mindtap team to seamlessly pivot to services that meet immediate and future needs.

This practice area includes
these services:


Our content marketing team focuses on delivering a variety of content that is optimized to increase organic traffic and engage your target audience. The types of content we create to effectively implement your content marketing strategy include blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, infographics, etc.

Engine Optimization

Our SEO Strategists conduct in-depth SEO analysis to determine optimization gaps and make suggestions for improvement. We then implement relevant SEO services to improve all areas of website and content optimization.


We implement a comprehensive email marketing strategy that ensures the right message is delivered to the right audience at the right time. We create each email to engage your target audience and work to guide them through the marketing cycle.

Media Marketing

We develop a native social strategy for each relevant social media channel. Create and implement a social media calendar with native posts published to engage your audience.


Our Inbound Strategists create paid ads to generate leads through applicable campaigns, including search, display and retargeting. We analyze paid ad reporting to determine cost per conversion and ROI and use this data to update and optimize ads, effectively increasing your results.


We automate your most tedious marketing processes to ensure your leads are engaged and moving through the marketing cycle. Our automation services include lead nurturing, lead scoring, list segmentation and lead management.


Through our technology enablement services, we design, deploy, and manage the systems and processes that support your digital marketing operations. Our technology enablement services include:

  • 01HubSpot Marketing Software Setup, Customization & Integration

  • 02HubSpot CRM Setup, Customization & Integration

  • 03HubSpot Sales Setup, Customization & Integration

  • 04HubSpot CMS Development

  • 05WordPress Development

  • 06Managed Website and Application Hosting

  • 07Custom Integrations

  • 08Application Development

  • 09Technical SEO and Performance Optimization

  • 10Reporting, Analytics, and Dashboard Development

  • 11Data Management

  • 12Chatbot Setup & Configuration