There is no doubt that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies have changed the way we all work for the better. Prioritizing convenience and innovation, B2B SaaS companies have shifted the way large and small companies alike do business. And the SaaS industry shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it is expanding rapidly, with an estimated worth of 171 billion dollars.

Standing Out in a Saturated SaaS Market

There are over 16,000 SaaS companies in the United States alone, with Microsoft and Adobe as the top industry players. The competition is intense. That’s why it is more important than ever for B2B SaaS companies to differentiate their brands and stand out amongst the crowd.

For B2B SaaS companies to achieve a competitive edge, they must ensure their website features the right strategic messaging and dynamic visual branding to promote your SaaS services to potential users.

10 Effective B2B SaaS Websites

Looking for some inspiration for your B2B SaaS brand? Here are the top 10 B2B SaaS companies who have nailed their messaging and branding.

1. Hubspot

HubSpot is a B2B Saas company founded on the idea of “inbound” and, as they explain it, “the notion that people don’t want to be interrupted by marketers or harassed by salespeople” Their CRM platform connects departments, from marketing to sales to customer services, and provide the inbound tools companies need to promote business growth.

Their website is organized exceptionally well. Bright, eye-catching graphics and their signature orange encourage visitors to dive deep into the site. A nicely organized “hub” space on the site showcases what packages potential customers can explore depending on their needs. Clearly laying out the options and pricing. Their accolades, clients, and company-specific facts are well-designed, blending in perfectly with the rest of the website.

Their tagline “an easy to use CRM” communicates the convenience and flexibility of the platform and tools. This communicates that any team, regardless of background, can benefit from their services. This messaging is a great way to expand their audience. Hubspot’s CTA button, “start free or get a demo,” is located last on the page, allowing visitors to learn as much about the company as possible before they click.

2. Zoom

Though Zoom has existed since 2011, the COVID-19 pandemic made this video conferencing software a necessity for many home-bound workers. Soft colors and graphics make the website pleasant to explore, while clear and concise messaging tells prospective customers how the software benefits hybrid and remote workers.

Since Zoom is widely known as a video conferencing software, their website initially provides company details and their accolades rather than package options. They do list pricing and packages in a separate tab.

Their tagline, “Zoom for You,” is quick, simple, and poignant. Their “frictionless communications platform” is designed around convenience and communication, showcasing the SaaS brand’s commitment to improving video conferencing for the long-haul, even after the pandemic has waned. The shift in messaging as the economy continues to change has kept their website relevant and impactful.

3. Semrush

Semrush is an “online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform” utilized by over 470,000 marketing professionals. This innovative software has over 48 tools that assist with everything from paid ads to SEO.

Semrush’s website showcases their capabilities without requiring much digging. This saves potential customers considerable time when researching services. Their tagline, “Get memorable results from online marketing,” states their purpose clearly and succinctly. They have no shortage of content to attract new visitors. And it is nicely organized throughout the site.

Their “try for free” CTA is conveniently located in the header. This is an important tool for SemRush, considering that almost 86% of customers are using the free option. But this generates interest and entices users to pay for more options and services.

4. Slack

Known for dynamic branding and easy-to-use software, Slack is a communications platform that connects teams in all industries.

Slack’s website is straightforward yet engaging. The design makes it easy to explore the various features and capabilities Slack has to offer. They also provide access to their blog and content right on the homepage.

Their CTA buttons are uniquely designed, with two placed in the upper right of the website: “Talk to Sales” and “Try for Free.” This easily separates the leads who need more nurturing by allowing users to differentiate themselves. Finally, Slack provides quick links to install their application on either a desktop or mobile device, further enhancing the user experience..

5. Salesforce

As a cloud-based customer relationship management platform, the Salesforce provides the tools needed for a customer’s marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams work in one platform.

With blue graphics and a scrolling homepage, the website is functional, engaging, and nicely organized. Visitors instantly see links to their blogs, reports, and even platform demos, which helps pull them deeper into the site.

Their free trial tab is easy to find and creative, requiring users to answer a few questions before signing up. Plus, the Salesforce characters on the website are used to provide insight and a little fun for anyone engaging with the brand.

6. Trello

“Trello helps teams move work forward.” This tagline is an excellent way to describe the services this project management SaaS company provides. The Trello website is simple, while the messaging focuses on what benefits their list-making software provides for customers.

The website also provides a nice overview of what their platform offers, including layout and communication specs. Their CTA, a sign up tab in the upper right of their site, is easy to find and fill out. Finally, the big names on their customer list shows they have a legit product that is in high demand.

7. Recurly

Recurly is a subscription management company that describes itself as the “the leading subscription management and billing platform for SaaS”. Their solutions are split into seven different industries and supported with ample content. This makes it easy for different customers to research their options with the company.

Recurly’s website colors and graphics are engaging yet subtle, with pops of color standing out nicely against a white background. Their tagline, “Accelerate subscriber growth with Recurly,” clearly and directly emphasizes that the SaaS brand is the solution to this specific challenge. Lastly, their “book my demo” CTA is located first on the homepage and offers searchers a shortcut when booking services.

8. Lately

Looking to refine your brand voice and nail organic social content? Lately’s AI platform makes it as simple as clicking a button. This SaaS company uses artificial intelligence to monitor and understand what your users want to see and read on your social and website channels.

If you are struggling for words, Lately makes you feel like you’re not alone. Their tagline, “Stop guessing what to say,” is prominently visible on the home page and pulls you in immediately, giving you a direct solution to your problem.

Their bold graphics and use of green is energetic and engaging. Even though their product is highly technical, their website messaging is easy to understand. This is crucial when selling to companies who are likely not experts in AI. The design of their “try for free” and “get started” CTAs catch the eye right away. You can spend as much time as you want browsing content. But Lately’s website makes it simple to get started with their product.

9. Hootsuite

“Social is your superpower.” This powerful tagline makes the customer feel like they are harnessing a strength within themselves when using Hootsuite’s social media management platform. Eye-catching blues and white act as a backdrop to the SaaS brand’s unique graphics. Their free 30-day trial button is a forest green, a visually specific way to attract users.

What stands out most about Hootsuite’s website is the variety of their content. Their mix of educational, company-specific, and capabilities-based content positions them as a thought-leader in the SaaS industry. On their homepage, concise, tight content describes what they do, and how they can benefit customers. Images of their software further highlight their services, making it easy for potential customers to visualize how they can use Hootsuite’s software suite.

10. Help Scout

Help Scout is a B2B SaaS company that provides customer support solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their passion is customer service. This is apparent in the honest, compelling messaging on their website. And even in their tagline, “an easier, more powerful way to support your customers.”

Help Scout’s website is warm, inviting, and highly visual, with interesting graphics that share what the company offers to customers. Their awards, reviews, and biggest customers are visible under their tagline. This is a visually strategic way to make sure potential customers see the legitimacy of their solutions.

Videos, blogs, and customer quotes tell their story in a wonderfully interactive way that both attracts attention and draws visitors further into the website. But what is most appealing about their website is their honest brand voice. Their messaging, particularly on their About the Company page, highlights their commitment to their customers and their products.