This is the third in a series of posts evaluating the popular financial advisor digital marketing platform, FMGSuite. This week, we’ll examine FMG Suite’s financial advisor automated marketing campaigns.

Marketing automation capabilities are available across all four of FMG Suite’s product tiers, with more content and campaign types added at each progressive level. I’m going to forgo details regarding the individual content and campaign offerings because the most important premise is the same for every one of them, that is, “canned” (e.g. identical content for every firm on the platform) is automatically published to the firm’s website, social media properties, and email list at various intervals.

Claims like “our…educational content…increases overall traffic to your website on a monthly basis,” and “…these campaigns lead to huge bumps in website traffic” abound on FMG Suite’s website, but what they don’t say is that (as discussed in my post on financial advisor SEO in FMG Suite) canned content does nothing to attract new online leads, and may in-fact harm a firm’s ability to do so.

So where are those traffic bumps coming from? If they happen at all, they’re from social media and email – and those visitors are almost exclusively existing clients, and (less often) prospects. That’s not to say there’s no value in that type of traffic – but in my experience, firms are more focused on generating new business than engaging existing clients and prospects.

So if your primary goal generating new leads, FMG Suite’s automated marketing campaigns are unlikely to get you there. But if you’re looking to engage existing leads or clients, they should have some appreciable impact in that area.

In closing, it’s worth noting that lead acquisition isn’t necessarily “better” or more important than lead nurturing. It just depends on what your goals are for financial advisor automated marketing campaigns.

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