The Fintech industry has acted as a catalyst for new technologies, changed behavior regarding how we interact with our finances and forced other industries to play catch up. This is evident in the fact that perhaps no industry has weathered the COVID-19 storm better than the fintech sector. 

As we put a lid on 2021, there are over 26,000 Fintech startups worldwide, which is more than double the number of firms that existed in 2019. 

These numbers illustrate just how resilient and promising this sector is right now. 

10 Effective B2B Fintech Websites

The Fintech industry is fiercely competitive. To establish and maintain a competitive edge, B2B Fintechs must use their website as a key differentiator to draw in potential customers and successfully communicate who they are and what they do. An effective Fintech website will not only have a professional design, but will give visitors the confidence to take the first step to becoming a customer. 

Below we examine 10 B2B fintech companies that have developed an effective website and successfully utilized it to grow their business.



Behalf offers an alternative B2B financing solution that is tailor-made for real-time commerce across e-tail, assisted selling and other merchant sales channels. Behalf’s in-purchase financing solution enables merchants to outsource their net terms & extended financing programs, and receive payment as early as the next business day. 

The Behalf site immediately communicates their strength in the business financing category and wisely uses words like ‘affordable access’ and ‘trust’ in describing their approach. A scrolling list of the bigger merchants they have done business with lends them instant credibility.

User experience is directly related to the quality of a site’s navigation and Behalf nails this aspect. A limited number of categories, with clear and short titles in the header makes navigation fast and easy.



The focus for Kabbage is on small businesses using an automated service to provide loans quickly to qualifying candidates. Kabbage is venture-backed by a number of financial companies and began providing loans in 2011.

The Kabbage website is an excellent example of utilizing design to  increase brand awareness. This is apparent in the logo, corporate colors, and fonts, as all are used as elements of the company’s corporate identity. An example of this is seen in the use of revolving words in the opening headline to indicate an old fashioned handwritten text edit. This is both an eye-catching and clever way to indicate the various financing tools Kabbage offers its B2B customers to help with business growth.

Playing the simplicity card is a winning hand for fintech sites and the Kabbage website is free from unnecessary distractions, focusing all the attention on their services.



Bluevine is currently the only company offering a 100 percent online invoice factoring service, which allows for rapid advances on outstanding invoices due in 7-90 days. BlueVine Flex Credit product has expanded the company’s ability to offer convenient access to working capital.

Bluevine uses their website to very succinctly define themselves as a one-stop shop for business banking. With the clear tagline – “Easy checking, lending and bill pay solutions–designed to help your business at every stage” – they deliver messaging with an effective, cut-to-the-chase approach.



The data decisioning technology enabled by Nav creates a customized experience for each individual small business—and empowers confident financial decisions. Nav’s financing solutions take verified business, personal, and cash flow data to power intelligent insights and recommendations via a curated open marketplace.

Nav takes a minimalist design approach to their website with very little copy on the homepage. However, the copy they have is used to clearly define how they simplify the complicated process of business financing. Six words highlight their competitive advantage – Save time. Get matched. Get approved. These words clearly deliver the value proposition they bring to their clients.

The presence of a ‘Start Now’ call to action at the top of the homepage allows visitors to immediately start the clearly defined loan process and immediately backs up the ‘Find funding fast’ promise the site opens with. 



OnDeck provides small business loans up to $250,000 and lines of credit up to $100,000, in as short a time period as 24 hours.

The OnDeck site’s overall design is best described as clean and crisp with a very clear message of offering fast and easy business loans. An emphasis on their high customer rating on Trustpilot establishes immediate credibility and checks the very important fintech trust box, as does their message of “online doesn’t have to mean impersonal.” 

The addition of a “Minimum Requirements” graphic to the homepage quickly helps determine if their services are a fit for visitors. This is a great way for B2B Fintechs to save time and resources attracting the right leads. 


Funding Circle

By combining cutting edge technology with industry-leading risk management models, Funding Circle provides small businesses with access to fast, affordable, and transparent financing and investors with the opportunity to access attractive returns through an online marketplace.

Yet another minimalist design approach, the Funding Circle site simply focuses on how they help small businesses grow. This is especially apparent in a series of well done testimonial videos on the homepage. These videos shine a positive light on how Funding Circle can serve a variety of SMB clients. 

One of the fintech sites that also deploys a loan calculator on the homepage, this widget increases organic search traffic and reduces bounce rates by enticing visitors to stick around longer. Providing an easy-to-use financial calculator on Fintech sites makes a great first impression that can lead to an ongoing customer relationship.


Lending Club

LendingClub Bank is the only full-spectrum fintech marketplace bank and the first public U.S. neobank. They offer consumer and commercial loan products for every credit bracket and a full suite of deposit products designed to help their customers keep more of the money they earn and earn more on what they keep.

For small business owners, there’s nothing more important than fast access to funds – this fact is immediately communicated on the LendingClub site via access to a network of lenders and great borrowing options for SMBs. Visitors have the opportunity to obtain a loan quote via a quick, short form. With multiple “Get a Quote” CTAs on the homepage, Lending Club increases their chance of gaining leads. 

Two main menu options in the header, Borrow and Invest, also get the visitor involved in what LendingClub is all about right from the get go. And the site’s design is all business, with simple images/graphics and no-nonsense text.



Credibly is a data science-driven fintech lending platform that improves the speed, cost, experience, and choice of capital to SMBs. The company provides balance sheet, syndication, and off-balance sheet funding options, while offering its partners access to its robust data science capabilities.

Credibly has carved its niche as a fintech lending platform that improves the speed, cost, experience, and choice of capital to SMBs. That message shines through brightly on their website. 

The site’s straightforward design and navigation allow visitors to easily find the most relevant service to meet their needs. A Get Started button as the last choice on the main navigation menu begins the pre-qualification loan process, clueing the user in to what the initial steps are like.



Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size, from new startups to public companies, use their software to accept payments and manage their businesses online.

A professionally designed website instantly differentiates Stripe from most fintechs and boasts a customer portfolio that includes Instacart, Shopify, Google, Slack, Zoom, Lyft, Amazon and Salesforce. 

Stripe utilizes a simplified main navigation menu that includes drop-downs to a granular list of products. Through the main nav, visitors can also explore the use cases of a variety of Stripe products – adding a more relevant approach to communicating business outcomes and addressing pain points for potential customers.



Fundbox is an AI-powered financial platform for small businesses that offers fast and intuitive access to business credit. The company aims to solve SMBs’ working capital needs through its credit and payments offerings.

The use of clear and short category names and an instant understanding of what Fundbox offers makes a visit to the site a pleasant and  informative experience. Perhaps most impressive is how Fundbox highlights and simplifies their messaging to address the needs that are most important to visitors.  

A very clean site design keeps the focus on what Fundbox does best, bringing together the elements that are required for the company to build websites and apps that accept payments and send payouts globally. Added animation touches are well done and provide a more exciting user experience.