Lemoine Law Firm



Founded by a former social security administration judge, Lemoine Law Firm is an established social security disability law firm with five offices in Louisiana and Alabama.


Increase quality leads through the website.


Backed by stakeholder interviews and years of client feedback, we developed new branding, copy and a new search and conversion optimized website focused on providing valuable information around the most common questions and concerns asked and expressed by clients, while also presenting the content in a way that helps prospects ‘self-screen.’


in the 5 months following the site’s launch:

  • Leads increased by 31%
  • The number of accepted (quality) leads increased 120%
  • Percentage of accepted leads increased from 55% to 93%
  • Marketing Return on Investment (MROI) increased 133% to 28x


The firm had been doing brisk business based almost entirely on word-of-mouth and had seen some success with broadcast, print and digital efforts.


  • A number of specialist and generalist firms competing locally, as well as national firms investing heavily in broadcast and digital media.
  • Communicating the important differences between Lemoine Law Firm and competitors in a complex, nuanced field
  • Because the firm is compensated on contingency, time spent screening unqualified leads can put a considerable amount of downward pressure on profits.