This post about our content strategy and inbound marketing work with Dialexa was part of our entry into into the 2015 HubSpot Impact Awards, which we went on to win. Read more about our HubSpot Partner Award for Best Client Blog Design.


Dialexa is an engineering and design firm that works with enterprise, start-up, and government clients to develop software and hardware technology solutions. After growing steadily through only word-of-mouth, they were ready to incorporate more formal marketing strategies and selected Mindtap and HubSpot to help realize their goals in the first quarter of 2015.


Despite their history of success, Dialexa was encountering two primary challenges:

  1. generating awareness from a niche B2B audience
  2. clearly differentiating themselves from a diverse set of competitors ranging from boutique application developers to global IT consulting firms


While each of Dialexa’s competitors is primarily known for their strength in creative or technology or delivery, the Dialexa team achieves a rare balance of world-class creative design, engineering and project management to deliver beautiful, functional experiences that meet or exceed their clients’ timing and budgetary requirements through an approach they call “whole-brain product development.”

Zeroing in their “whole brain” approach as a key differentiator, Mindtap worked with Dialexa’s marketing and creative teams to develop a content strategy that would clearly demonstrate their comprehensive expertise to a highly targeted audience.

The Dialexa design team iterated on a blog design with a focus on creating an experience that was distinctive but also seamlessly integrated with the Dialexa brand and website; and the result was a one-of-a-kind HubSpot blog.


Unique features of this design include:

  • Dynamic hero images on listing and post pages
  • Custom iconography
  • Media-specific post templates for video and audio content
  • Advanced fully-responsive design

While the level of CMS customization required to execute the design posed some challenges, HubSpot resources were tremendously helpful in making it a reality, and the blog launched in May 2015.


In its first two months, we witnessed an 86% rise in visitors and a 563% increase in leads compared to the two months prior, and Dialexa’s new blog and content strategy has positioned the company well as the “James Bond” of technology companies: attractive, polished and clever, but also humble, kind and cool.

You can read more about this campaign in the case study and view some of the design work in our portfolio.

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