One of the largest business accelerators in the state, The North Texas Enterprise Center (NTEC) provides promising startups with expert guidance, enterprise-class infrastructure and a vast professional network.


Increase awareness and leads from local startups.


Backed by primary research developed from online surveys and stakeholder interviews, Mindtap developed a new positioning statement, personas and KPIs, forming the backbone of rebranding and a new website focusing on the people of NTEC’s member companies as well as the exurban location as a differentiator.


In the three months after launching the new website:

  • Visitors increased 100%
  • Conversion rate increased 600%
  • Bounce rate decreased 9% (to 12% below Google’s category benchmark)
  • Average page load time decreased 75%


A new management team brought in to reverse years of underperformance had recently broadened the accelerator’s focus from biotech to general technology.


  • Differentiate NTEC from the many DFW area incubators and accelerators
  • Communicate and reinforce that NTEC was now broader than biotech
  • Appeal to a target that, due to NTEC’s exurban location, was older and more established than the typical founder