Project Background

REDi provides card fraud detection, interdiction, and mitigation solutions to banks and credit unions across the United States. Over the last several years, REDi has grown exponentially by refining its product offerings, adapting to ever-evolving fraud risks, and providing a high level of customer service.


In the first three months of the engagement, Mindtap retooled REDi’s messaging, followed by new copy, a new website, and marketing collateral around each of REDi’s three main product offerings.

Over the following year, Mindtap grew REDi’s footprint through

  • 01 Targeted drip campaigns.
  • 02 Data cleansing and segmentation.
  • 03 Press releases, sales sheets, and case studies.
  • 04 Video testimonials.
  • 05 LinkedIn campaigns.
  • 06 Developing an online community for fraud mitigation experts at banks and credit unions.


REDi was referred to Mindtap by a former client, as they were looking for a firm that could help them simplify their messaging and grow brand recognition among target buyers.

After an initial audit, Mindtaop strategists concluded that, while it provided a great deal of detail, REDi’s existing website and marketing collateral weren‘t communicating their positioning or value proposition clearly.


The results from the brand awareness campaign proved quite successful. The LinkedIn Ad campaign and corresponding testimonial video saw 59,000 views and an 89% view rate. The website redesign was also a success. Post-design website data, compared between February-May 2021 to the previous year, included:

  • 01 LinkedIn campaign promoting a video testimonial yielded 59,000 views
  • 02 Since REDi began working with Mindtap
    • website users increased 196%.
    • new website users increased by 201%.
    • pageviews increased 193%.
    • organic search traffic increased 56%

Rodney Fuller

CEO, REDi Enterprise Development

“Mindtap has helped us to communicate and share our offerings and value proposition more clearly, effectively, and widely across digital channels. We’ve seen direct results, and our customers, prospects, and partners have had great things to say about the quality of the work.”

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