Project Background

Scorebuddy is a pioneer in the cloud-based, quality assurance sector; whose solutions are specifically designed for call centers. From quality assurance to compliance, Scorebuddy provides a leading quality management platform that helps call centers stay efficient and proactive.


After a thorough review of Scorebuddy’s objectives and goals and an extensive analysis of their current marketing practices, we developed a dynamic, multi-year digital marketing strategy that included the following:

  • 01 Building a new Scorebuddy website; including design, positioning, and messaging.
  • 02 A multi-year content marketing and inbound marketing program.
  • 03 The integration of new products into Scorebuddy’s online presence.
  • 04 The management of all content development and distribution.
  • 05 The implementation Hubspot for marketing automation, contact management, and key metrics / reporting.


Like many SaaS brands, Scorebuddy’s key objectives were to build a robust digital marketing and execution strategy. To achieve these objectives, Scorebuddy needed a partner to aid them in developing:

  • 01 A go-to market, messaging and positioning strategy.
  • 02 A comprehensive digital marketing strategy.
  • 03 An inbound marketing program using premium content and digital marketing campaign practices.

With the right digital marketing partner and effective strategies in place, Scorebuddy set goals to achieve:

  • 01 A marked increase in website traffic through enhanced content and SEO best practices.
  • 02 An increase in qualified leads for their sales team.
  • 03 An increase in revenue YoY.


Scorebuddy has seen a 300% increase in web traffic and visibility. This additional visibility has led to an increase in qualified leads resulting in 30+% YoY revenue growth. This aligns with their original objectives, and also opens new doors for success. They have built a content marketing engine second to none.

  • 01 Increased website traffic 300% YoY during 3 years.
  • 02 Increased qualified leads and deals to the Sales team resulting in 30+% YoY growth.
  • 03 Increased visibility and deal size through the addition of enterprise accounts.

Scorebuddy’s future plans include launching a new website in 2022 using HubSpot CMS. The advanced tools and resources available through HubSpot will ensure their website traffic and the number of qualified leads will continue to grow.

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