Project Background

SomnoMed is a global provider of treatment solutions for sleep-related breathing disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, snoring, and bruxism.


A multi-pronged approach to organizing, securing, repairing and speeding up the entire 19-site platform. At a high-level, the plan called for:

  • 01 Platform migration from WordPress Multisite to WordPress Multi-language
  • 02 Replacing the existing theme with a more modern, flexible one
  • 03 Implementing a firewall and other security measures
  • 04 Implementing automatic nightly backups
  • 05 Activating automatic updates Updating PHP, MySQL, WordPress Core and all plugins
  • 05 Implementing a CDN for faster content delivery
  • 06 Changing hosts to improve performance
  • 07 implementing weekly maintenance routines


  • 01 Reduce errors
  • 02 Improve site and CMS usability
  • 03 Improve SEO


SomnoMed’s previous digital agency had deployed all 19 of their localized sites on WordPress multisite, then neglected to update WordPress core and over 20 plugins for about two years. As a result, the client was frustrated with frequent content management problems, server errors, SEO issues and lack of support from the outgoing agency.


Executing a platform migration of 19 regional websites in 8 languages spanning thousands of frequently changing pages without significant downtime or damaging SEO.


  • 01 New visitors in the 6 months after launch, were 133% higher than the same period the previous year.
  • 02 unique visitor count in the six months following launch was 56% higher than the six months before launch.
  • 03 bounce rate in the six months following launch was 14% lower than six months before launch

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