Ensure that all of your strategic messaging is aligned with your business strategy.

Answer questions such as:

  • Does my positioning and messaging speak directly to my target markets’ needs?
  • Do my products and/ or services speak to your customers’ desired business outcomes?
  • Are my business strategy and goals aligned with my digital marketing strategy?

This service includes these major segments of work:

  • Strategic messaging & competitive positioning – we help define the most effective messaging versus your competitors.
  • Consulting and advisory services – our strategic advisory team helps you put together a digital marketing strategy that can be executed by Mindtap or your team; or some combination of both.
  • Knowledge transfer – we teach your team how to fish; or we can fish for/with you.
  • Digital marketing strategy – we formulate a strategic plan that is executable by your team or ours.

Strategic Advisory


Strategic Messaging
& Competitive Positioning


Consulting &
Advisory Services


Digital Marketing