Project Background

TechGenies is a world-class technology and IT staffing company that brings innovative software solutions and experienced IT professionals to companies around the globe. Their custom IT staff augmentation, project management, custom development and quality assurance solutions are tailored for each client’s specific needs.


Before Mindtap could build an inbound marketing strategy for TechGenies, they needed to conduct a deep-dive into the brand and the competitors. This would achieved through the following:

  • 01 Strategic messaging workshops.
  • 02 Competitor Analysis.
  • 03 Content Analysis.
  • 04 SEO Analysis.

During these exercises, it was discovered that Techgenies came to the partnership with decades of experience in developing technology and staffing solutions for the HR Tech industry. Unlike many of their competitors, Techgenies had developed a niche understanding of the technology and staffing solutions that HR Tech companies needed to be successful. Mindtap quickly realized that in addition to traditional inbound digital strategies, they needed to develop clear and concise strategic messaging that communicated TechGenies’ expertise.

Over their multi-year partnership with TechGenies, the Mindtap team was able to:

  • 01 Design and build a website that includes messaging that clearly communicates TechGenies’ expertise and the value that client’s received when partnering with them..
  • 02 Translate the TechGenies marketing strategy into tactical implementation in areas ranging from marketing automation to data management, to web design and development.
  • 03 Consistently transfer knowledge to TechGenies’ stakeholders.
  • 04 Plan, implement, configure, and manage integrations between HubSpot and WordPress.


TechGenies came to Mindtap with a need to differentiate their brand in a highly saturated market. They knew finding their niche and setting themselves apart from the competition was vital to increase visibility and website traffic, and generate new qualified leads. To achieve their goals Techgenies knew they needed a digital marketing partner that would help them to develop the right message for their target audience and implement a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy.


Throughout their partnership with Mindtap, TechGenies has discovered how to differentiate their brand among the hundreds of other software development and IT staff augmentation providers. This realization has led to a successful increase in both website traffic and qualified leads, along with increased visibility through the implementation of an enhanced inbound strategy.

When discussing their experience working with Mindtap, Ahmad Al-Amine, CEO of Techgenies said, “Mindtap took the time to not only understand our challenges, but to also understand who we are as a brand. Through their strategic approach and effective digital marketing services, we have achieved and maintained a competitive presence in our growing industry. Their efforts went far beyond our expectations and have been a critical part of our success.”

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