Our Approach

Your go-to-market messaging and positioning, digital marketing strategy, website, and brand, are the most important members of your Sales and Marketing team.

By aligning your messaging with the needs of your customers and applying digital marketing methodologies and best practices, we help attract and convert your target buyers. Then we engage your audience and exceed their expectations through rich, connected, omnichannel experiences.

About Us

Mindtap is a digital marketing consultancy helping build businesses through the convergence of strategic consulting, digital marketing, and experience design. Through these distinct yet interconnected practice areas, we help you to drive revenue growth.

  • 01Founded in 2014
  • 02Hubspot Solutions Partner since 2014
  • 03Deep industry expertise
  • 04Winner of Hubspot Design Impact Award
  • 05An unyielding focus on form and function

Ways We Engage

We engage with your organization in different ways and according to what you think is most fitting for you and your business. We remain agile so that as requirements of the business change, we can pivot and modify our approach.

Strategic Engagement

You’re looking for a partner who understands your business and ecosystem to proactively find new avenues of growth.

This approach is best suited to you when:

  • 01You have revenue goals, and you want a digital marketing partner to create + execute a plan that measurably achieves those objectives.
  • 02You want to design a user experience that emphasizes both form and function.
  • 03You want a partner to engineer, deploy and maintain the tech stack that will support your growth.
  • 04You want a partner accountable to the strategic initiatives that they design and execute.

Tactical Engagement

This approach gives you access to a range of digital marketing expertise, creative skills, and marketing tech stack disciplines. We supplement your existing team to increase your capacity or backfill gaps you might have in your in-house team.

This approach is best suited to you when:

  • 01You need to get started right away and want to use domain expertise to ramp up quickly.
  • 02You want to extend existing team resources with specific expertise.
  • 03You need hands on, tactical resources to complete specific deliverables rather than strategize, conceptualize and plan.
  • 04You have an ongoing need for support that fluctuates.

Project Engagement

With this approach we utilize all necessary disciplines during both the project definition phase and implementation phase, with well-defined deliverables and outcomes.

This approach is best suited to you when:

  • 01You want a well defined, deliverables focused approach associated with a flat fee.
  • 02You need a website redesigned and redeveloped, or a video produced, or another type of fixed-scope deliverable.
  • 03You want to develop brand identity guidelines.
  • 04You want a web-based application, or a mobile app designed and developed for a fixed price.

Project Management and Continuous Communication

We manage your engagement using a dedicated portal enabling you to track progress, share assets, manage team communication, and examine tasks/deliverables, all on one integrated platform.

We combine a process that has been refined over 20 years of building digital marketing assets with time-tested tools to keep things running on-time and on-budget.